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Feburary 06, 2005
Mrxvt version 0.3.13 is released! This is a major bug fix release. Sorry to disappoint you that we could not reach 0.4.0 right now. I know you are eagerly waiting for the magic number 0.4.0. :p The delay is because a major bug was found and thus we need more test on the fix. In particular, please open multiple tabs simultaneously and let each tab do some kind of busy job that refreshes the screen constantly, e.g., `wget --progress=dot big.file`. Then switch to another tab and work in it to see if there is any misbehavior, like crashes (yes, not kidding ;-)), slow response (expected if your machine is slow *_^), etc. If you meet crash, please send me your mrxvt binary and coredump so that I can debug it. Be sure to build mrxvt with debug support. I really hope 0.4.0 is rock solid so that I can concentrate on 0.5.x development branch after releasing it.
January 14, 2005
Mrxvt version 0.3.12 is released! This is a major bug fix release - see the long fix list in ChangeLog. If everything goes well, it will be the last testing release before we reach 0.4.0.
January 02, 2005
Happy new year, everyone! It has been quiet for a while since mrxvt 0.3.11 was released, however it does not mean the development has stalled. ;-) Please be patient, we need a slight longer time for testing before the last testing release is out.
December 11, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.11 is released! This release is a major bug fix release. Lots of problems are fixed, like compile error, terminal hanging, off-focus fading bug, session crashes, etc. Please test it throughly and report any bugs. If everything goes well, we will release 0.3.12 as the last testing release (like 0.4.0 beta) and reach 0.4.0 after that.
December 05, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.10 is released! This release aims to be a bug fix release, but some new features are added as well. The most significant new feature is that the keyboard shortcuts are now configurable! So if you do not like a default keyboard shortcut or would like to define your own shortcuts, you can do it now in the configuration file. Sorry we do not reach 0.4.0 at this release. Though I am using mrxvt everyday and it seems pretty stable, I would like to delay a stable release (0.4.0) till more people have throughly tested it.
November 19, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.9 is released! This release is a bug fix release, though some new features are still added as requested.
November 17, 2004
Today I receive Linux Magazine issue 12 of 2004 from ASCII Co. of Japan. There is an article in it introducing mrxvt to the Japanese Linux users. Unfortunately, I do not understand Japanese though I can guess some meaning from the Chinese characters in the article. ;-)
November 09, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.8 is released! This release introduces the support of true translucent window, holding exited terminal, input broadcasting, different text shadow mode. It also fixes lots of bugs (see the long ChangeLog). From now on, we will focus on stablizing the code instead of adding significant new features. Hopefully we can reach a stable branch at 0.4.0 very soon!
November 08, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.8 is delayed since I found some serious bugs at the last moment! Please do not worry. By fixing the bugs, I realize now it is easy to implement some functionality, like broadcasting. :-) But the scrolling has become horribly slow. I am trying to figure out the reason. New release will come soon.
October 31, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.7 is released! This release fixes XFT support of CJK font and lots of bugs.
October 22, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.6 is released! This release fixes XFT support and many bugs. We are close to a stable release soon.
October 15, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.5 is released! This release introduces the experimental support of freetype font, utempter library and many user convenience features, plus lots of fixes.
October 10, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.4 is included in Gentoo Linux portage! I hope it is stable enough for daily use now.
October 08, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.4 is available! This release introduces the highly anticipated session support, support of user supplied background image for scrollbar/menubar, and gnome-terminal/konsole's hotkeys! And there are lots of fixes and document updates.
September 30, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.3 is available! This release enhances the multi-language support, fixes XIM support, and introduces several new features like text shadow!
September 24, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.2 is available! This release fixes several serious bugs, and introduces lots of new features! I hope it is stable enough for daily use. I know there are too many releases recently, I will reduce the frequency unless serious bugs are found. ;-)
September 20, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.1 is available! This release adds back features like off-focus fading and background color tinting. It also adds new features like transparent scrollbar/menubar/tabbar.
September 19, 2004
Sorry folks, my sourceforge e-mail address listed in the AUTHORS/ file of version 0.3.0 is wrong (fixed in CVS)! Please refresh the project homepage and fetch the new e-mail address on the left panel if you want to contact me! Thanks!
September 15, 2004
Mrxvt version 0.3.0 is available! This release is based on rxvt 2.7.11 CVS, so the name is changed to mrxvt in order to avoid confusion with multi-aterm. Color background tinting is missing. XIM support still needs debugging. But, it's usable now! Please try it out and send me bug reports!
August 22, 2004
Version 0.2.0 is available! This release adds support to multichar sets, like Simplified Chinese (GB) and Korea. This branch is considered as the stable branch, and only bug fixes and portability code will be added in the future. New features, e.g., XIM support will be introduced in the development branch, which will be based on rxvt CVS.
August 17, 2004
Version is available! Now you can change the title of tabs dynamically through escape sequences or hotkeys. This release also fixes a problem in transparent background. It is close to the stable release! Future development will focus on portability on other platforms.
August 15, 2004
Multi-aterm version 0.2 is available here with jpeg/png support. However several things fixed in materm are still broken. I will incorperate his new code in the materm soon. Stay tuned.
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