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Source Code

Unstable branch:

  • Release: mrxvt-0.5.0
    Release: mrxvt-0.5.1
    Release: mrxvt-0.5.2 (Also use the supplied no_debug_x patch.)
    Release: mrxvt-0.5.3 (Also use the supplied no-scroll-with-buffer patch.)
    Release: mrxvt-0.5.4
  • Subversion: You can obtain the latest development version from the subversion repository by typing
        svn checkout
    Note: To compile and install this you need to:
        ./ ; ./configure ; make ; make install
    You can also browse the subversion repository online here.
  • CVS: The CVS tree is now abandoned. Please use subversion instead.

If you are submiting a patch, please make sure you submit your patch against the current version of mrxvt from the SUBVERSION repository.

Stable branch

Binary download

Slackware Linux
You can download binary packages built for the Slackware current tree from They should work for Slackware 10.0 too.
Gentoo Linux
Mrxvt is already in the portage! If you want a live ebuild (i.e. want an ebuild that will download mrxvt from latest subversion sources and install it for you), then look here. Alternately add the devnull overlay using layman.
SuSE Linux
Mrxvt rpm packages for SuSE 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 10.0 are available at Guru's RPM site. They are maintained by Pascal Bleser <guru at unixtech dot be>. Let us thank him for the nice work!
RedHat/Fedora Linux
Mrxvt rpm for Fedora Core 3 are available at Thanks to Jingyu Zhou <jingyuzhou AT hotmail dot com> for building it for us!
Debian Linux
Binaries of debian for i386 are available at Xiong Jiang <jxiong at offtopic dot org> initiated these builds, and they are now maintained by Qingning Huo <qhuo at users dot sourceforge dot net>. You can also download them from Qingning's website.
Mandrake Linux
Mrxvt rpm for Mandrake 10.1 are available at Thanks to Qi Guo <csyfek AT gmail dot com> for building it for us!
Mrxvt is already in the FreeBSD ports, NetBSD's pkgsrc, and OpenBSD's ports! But the version may be a little out-of-date.
Solaris (SPARC)
Mrxvt binaries are available for download at Thanks to Le Chen for building it.
Solaris (x86)
currently not available
currently not available
currently not available
Mac OS X
Available via macports. Thanks to Boey Maun Suang for patching and building it.
currently not available
currently not available
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