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Contributing to Mrxvt

Editing the Wiki

As you may have noticed, all the pages on this wiki require a password to edit. This is because we are PARANOID about possible spammers.

If you would like to contribute to the mrxvt wiki (and are not an evil spammer), then send an email to and I'll create an account for you.

Contributing Code to Mrxvt

We need your help. We have lots of plans for mrxvt, but just not enough time. Currently there are two regular developers to mrxvt: Gautam Iyer, and Jimmy Zhou (creator). But we are very busy, and will welcome your help.

Coding guidelines and a TODO list for mrxvt can be found in the TODO file in the source archive and can be viewed online here.

Contributing money to Mrxvt

We don't want your money. We've both got jobs (which is why we're very busy, as said above). Contribute code instead (we REALLY want your code).

If you must contribute money, give to a charity or open source project of your choice in our name :). Better still, pay a good programmer to code for us (yes, we REALLY REALLY want your code).

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