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Upgrading to mrxvt-0.5.x

What's different in mrxvt-0.5.0
The following options / features have been CHANGED, and might require your attention
  1. The default terminal name is rxvt (as it should be) and not xterm. On systems with badly configured termcap / terminfo entries for rxvt, this will cause NUMEROUS ncurses based programs to behave very badly (including bash!). If you have any problems, ask your Linux vendor to fix this! Or wimp out and set the termName resource to xterm in your ~/.mrxvtrc
  2. Background tinting works differently when compiled with XRender support (enabled by default in 0.5.0). Now if you want your background tinted to a specific color, you need to set the tintColor resource to that color, and NOT the mask (as you had to in 0.4.x). Specifically, if you want a dark tint, then set tintColor to #000000 (in 0.4.x you would set it to #ffffff).
    Also keep in mind that very bright colors (e.g. #ffffff) are not very transparent and not good for tinting.
  3. The menu syntax for actions from 0.5.x is incompatible with the syntax from earlier versions. See the man page for details.
  4. The keysym resource is disabled by default (use macros instead).
  5. A few default key-bindings were changed (mainly to adhere to the convention that terminal programs should use Ctrl-Shift modifiers for all it's shortcuts, and let the window manager / child process use other modifier combinations).
    For example the Shift+Left / Shift+Right macros to switch tabs are enabled ONLY in the primary screen (i.e. they will not work when you are running Vim). Vim uses Shift+Left/Right to move between words, so we do not override this behaviour in Vim.
  6. A few escape sequences (controlling creation / movement of tabs) have been disabled for security reasons. The functions can of course be accessed using keyboard macros or the popup-menus.
  7. Escape sequences generated by function keys / modified cursor keys have now been changed to produce exactly the same escape sequences as Xterm does. (If you don't like this, then undefine the macro XTERM_KEYS in src/feature.h). As a result of this, to get Ctrl+Left / Right working in your shell, change ~/.inputrc the way you would for Xterm (not rxvt). This is described later on in this FAQ.
Aditionally, a few options have been removed, and numerous options have been added. For a complete list, read the ChangeLog-0.5.0.txt
What's different in mrxvt-0.5.1
A list of differences will be put up after the next release. For now, read the SVN commit logs, or the ChangeLog file in the source archive.
What's this new profile option in 0.5.1. How do I migrate?
Mrxvt-0.5.0 has a new "profile" feature intended to replace the vt%d.xx options. Here settings are associated to a "profile" instead of a tab. Tabs can be created on demand with any desired profile. (The earlier design led to some unresolvable bugs when the user moved tabs). Migrating to profiles is easy:
  1. Replace the old vtd.xx. remember that the profile%d resources refer to the PROFILE number, and not the TAB number.
  2. To open a new tab with profile number N use the macro "NewTab -N". E.g.
        Mrxvt.macro.Ctrl+Shift+F1:  NewTab -1
        Mrxvt.macro.Ctrl+Shift+F2:  NewTab -2
        Mrxvt.macro.Ctrl+Shift+F3:  NewTab -3
        Mrxvt.macro.Ctrl+Shift+F4:  NewTab -4 
    Finally replace your initTermNumber option with initProfileList. The argument to initProfileList is a comma separated list of profiles you want opened in new tabs on startup.
The hold option does not work like it used to mrxvt-0.5.2 and up?
Yes. We changed it! As of 0.5.2, the hold option is no longer a boolean option, but takes a numeric argument. You can use this to decide if you want to keep a tab open based on the exit status of the child process. By default, mrxvt will only keep tabs open if the child did NOT exit normally, or the child exited with a non-zero status. See the man page for details.
The jumpScroll is not there in mrxvt-0.5.2 and up.
Yes. We removed it. We replaced it with two options: refreshLimit and skipPages. These allow you to fine tune jump scrolling much better. See the man page for details.

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