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Probably the simplest step you can take is to make sure it's not just a configuration problem. Comment out the likely suspects or, for a completely blank slate, try

 mrxvt -cf /dev/null &

to spawn a new instance with compiled-in defaults. If the problem goes away, it's a configuration problem. Even if it doesn't go away, it may manifest differently and provide clues as to what the problem is.


Next, you could make sure you're running the latest version. It may be a bug that's already been fixed. You could even checkout the very latest code from subversion, which may have fixed the problem (though it may have introduced others ;) ).


As mentioned on Upgrading, frequently the problem is with term{info,cap} configuration. To quickly test this out, try

 mrxvt -tn xterm &

or other TERM values. If there is a term{info,cap} problem, in addition to distro-specific steps, you might also try the *rxvt.term* files included in the distribution.


(FIXME: add specific 'I have problem foo; use solution bar' items.)

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